Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Gets More Gorgeous Screenshots, this Time in 4K Resolution

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Yesterday, Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition for PC, and also showcased a few official 1080p screenshots. Today, the Japanese arm of the company followed up with a new batch, this time around in spectacular 4K.

While some of the screenshots are the same as yesterday, there are new ones, and even those that aren’t, are shown here in much higher resolution, displaying what the game can really look like on the right rig.

Final Fantast XV: Windows Edition supports 4K natively (3840 x 2160), alongside HDR10, but it’s possible to tweak the options to reach a mind-boggling 8K pixel count.

Director Hajime Tabata  promised a “stunning visual experience” worthy of the Final Fantasy franchise, and seeing what we can see here, it’s easy to believe him.

If you want to see more of what the game looks like on PC, you can check out the announcement trailer. There are few doubts that it looks fantastic.

If you’re curious about the latest updates to the game, you can check out our videos of the impressive female character creation and the one for males included in the beta of the upcoming “Comrades“ multiplayer feature. It’s worth mentioning that the Windows version will include the DLC.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will release on PC via Steam in early 2018.

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