Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.2 Gets New Screenshots Showing New Gear, Minions, Hairstyles and More

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Today Square Enix released a sizable batch of screenshots and information about the upcoming update to Final Fantasy XIV, numbered 4.2 and titled “Rise of a New Sun“.

We get to see a new relevant character from the main storyline, a Garlean named Asahi Sas Voltus. At the moment his role remains mysterious, but he appears to be involved with Doma.

From the new raid Omega: Sigmascape, the cute Alpha gets a Garlond Ironworks uniform, a few screenshots show the new challenges including the Phantom Train, and the gear we can win.

We’ll also have to challenge one of the four lords, Byakko, who has a humanoid form to show.

One of the most relevant new features is the Duty recorder, which basically lets you save replays of your instanced dungeons and raids, including various playback options.

New gear can be obtained with the new tomestones “of Mendacity” while new crafting recipes also provide more armor and weapons.

Last, but not least, we see new minions, emotes, and hairstyle, including an adorable “hime” style.

The update will be live on January 30th, and you can check out the official trailer. If you want to see more, you can also enjoy some more recent screenshots and more from the previous release.

If you want to learn more about Final Fantasy XIV, you can also enjoy our recent interview with Naoki Yoshida and our review of the Stormblood expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PS4 and PC.

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