File Size for Stardew Valley on Switch Revealed

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As you may have heard earlier today, the popular farming sim Stardew Valley will finally be making it’s way to the Nintendo Switch this Thursday, October 5. However, learning of the game’s release date isn’t the only thing we’ve learned today.

According to a post over at NeoGAF, we now know that the download size for Stardew Valley will come in at 880 MB. This information was gathered from the EU Nintendo eShop and shared via a screencap. Considering the amount of hours that you can easily pour into Stardew Valley, coming in at under a gigabyte is a fair size for a lengthy game.

In addition to this download size info, we also saw our first look at the game icon that will inhabit the home screen of your Switch. It’s not a surprising image by any means and is essentially just the logo of the game. It’s also the same logo that was seen on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Stardew Valley. The PC version of the game however does have a different icon compared to that seen on consoles, so it’s easy to understand how some fans might have questioned which image would be coming to Switch. If you want to see this image yourself, you can find a picture of it at the bottom of the page.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been waiting to jump into Stardew Valley on a handheld system for quite some time. Whether this is your first time playing Stardew Valley or this is one of your countless returns to the farm, the Nintendo Switch will definitely provide the handheld experience that so many have been looking forward to since its initial release last year.

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