Far Cry 5 Gets a Story Trailer Featuring Cult Leader Joseph Seed

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Far Cry 5‘s release is getting closer and closer. Today, Ubisoft released a story trailer to shed more light on the Eden’s Gate doomsday cult, as well as their leader Joseph Seed.

Seed believes that nobody can take the gift that, as he claims, God gave him. The video features him giving a monologue about his gifts and what he brings to the world. His cult follows him blindly and fights for what he promises. He talks about taking those who are willing or not, and various NPCs talk about taking the fight to the cult.

Various gameplay elements are shown, some of which we’ve seen in a previous video, including gunplay, driving, and hand-to-hand combat. We’ve learned previously that there will be over 65 NPCs to interact with and plenty of back-and-forth conversations between them. The trailer features what could possibly be a mission set up with one of those NPCs where you try to infiltrate the cult, only to get caught. Of course, it’s left on a cliffhanger.

Far Cry 5 will be releasing on March 27, 2018, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The PC requirements have recently been revealed. The special edition of the game, dubbed the x Mondo Edition, which comes with a vinyl record, was also announced recently.

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