Fan-Made Remaster of Half-Life Gets New Screenshots

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Black Mesa, a fan-made remaster of the original Half-Lifehas received a new update that adds a myriad of new changes to make the 1998 title look even better.

The new update adds real-time dynamic lighting, lens flares, god rays, and a whole host of other new features that make the game run smoother. For a fan-made project, the results and hard work of the group behind the game are commendable and should be a refreshing experience for those who might’ve played the original game way back when. Even though we haven’t hard much at all about any potential sequels coming to the long-dormant series, it’s continued support from fans is special.

Right now, you can grab Black Mesa at a discounted price of $4.99, a small price to pay for reliving the greatness that is Half-Life. Also, you can check out a slew of new screenshots from the developer’s official patch notes on Steam down below.

If you’re not familiar with Half-Life, it’s Valve’s debut title, a first-person science fiction shooter where you play as silent protagonist Gordan Freeman. The game has since become iconic in the realm of PC gaming, even more so when the sequel took things to the next level and established what we know today as Steam.

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