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Amplitude Studios and SEGA have been quite quiet about what is coming to Endless Space 2 in 2018 so far. That changed today though, as the developer revealed a free-add on for the game alongside the Vaulters Expansion, which will be added to the game on January 25.

The Vaulters Expansion adds the titular Vaulter civilization, which is a fan-favorite race and stape of the Endless series, to the game. The Vaulters have the ability to teleport and use a super colonizer ship called the Argosy, which spices up gameplay. As with other civilizations, they also come with their own heroes, technologies, buildings, and a new main quest. Outside of the Vaulters, the expansion adds the minor civilization of the Sisters of Mercy, new combat modules, and new pirate diplomacy options.

The free add-on is based on content players earned in a community challenge last November. It comes with quite a bit of new content for Endless Space 2, including a new planetary anomaly, new galaxy type, an immigration crisis event, more ship modules, a new hero named Burra Techseeker, and skin for the Mezari fleet.

You can check out a trailer for the Vaulters expansion below. Endless Space 2 is currently available on PC. If you are courious about what else is on SEGA’s PC slate in 2018, you can check out their recently revealed Theme Hospital spiritual successor, Two Point Hospital. 

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