Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One Goes Into Open Beta This Month

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Elite Dangerous has ruled the space waves on PC for a while now, and the latest edition of the game, Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One is getting an open beta for all PC users. According to Frontier Developments, this beta will go live on January 25, giving players a taste of what’s to come.

As confusing as it is, Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One is actually the third season of the game. The seasons coincide with the development of the game, where Frontier Developments builds large sections of the game in pieces and releases them with bigger grandeur than just an update.

The beta will give players the change to play Wing Missions, which offers team-based objectives for players to compete in. Players can overcome various obstacles while sharing experiences and rewards with teammates.

It wouldn’t be an Elite Dangerous update without a new ship being added to the mix. The beta (and eventual update) features the new Chieftain, an Alliance warship, which can be seen below. The new GalNet Audio feature is another big addition, making the ever-immersive space flight simulator even more immersive. Keep up to date with all the latest news in the galaxy from the comfort of your cockpit. No more having to land on a station to hear the latest. According to Frontier, the new GalNet Audio feature is “bringing the ongoing narrative to the foreground at a dangerous moment for humanity’s pilots.”

Chapter One also features a number of improvements: gameplay mechanics, the crime and punishment system, enhanced planet rendering, an overhaul to mission rewards and tweaks to engineering. Trading will apparently also be smoother going forward. According to Frontier, the “galactic economy is now more freely available, allowing every commander to become a master merchant as they journey among the stars.”

Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One is set to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC in Q1 2018 as a free update to the original game. The last update in April added tons of new features, including multi-crew co-op, an avatar creator and more.

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