ECHO Reveals More About En in New Trailer Showing Cutscenes and Gameplay

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Ultra Ultra released a new trailer for their stealth action game ECHO, coming to PC on September 19 and PlayStation 4 shortly after.

The trailer details the main protagonist, En, as she journeys into a mysterious place known as “The Palace”, in order to complete a personal mission of hers. However, En will not be alone, an AI voice companion is with her named London. Their personalities are not compatible and often butt heads at times, but while they are together they must work together to accomplish their goals.

The developer also announced that En is to be voiced by Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones, The Good Fight) and London will be voiced by Nick Boulton (Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Mass, Effect series).

This Palace is constantly watching En’s actions and studying how the player approaches situations and conflicts. Throughout the game “blackouts” will occur where the enemies will reset, but they actually reset with new skills and playstyles acquired from the player before the blackout happened. This means the enemies will be constantly learning and unlearning the way that the player plays the game.

There’s much to be discovered while exploring the deeper levels of The Palace, but it’s up to En and London to get along with each other if they hope to get out with the answers they are looking.

Recently, the developers released a longer video as the commentated the game’s gameplay and played through a level.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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