Dynasty Warriors 9’s Gameplay Trailers Show Zhang He, Sun Shangxiang, Ma Dai, Pang Tong, and Guo Hai

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Today Koei Tecmo released a new series of gameplay trailers for its upcoming open-world Musou game Shin Sangokumusou 8, which will be titled in the west Dynasty Warriors 9. 

As usual with this kind of trailers (honestly, this game might really beat some sort of Guinness World Record for the number of trailers it’s getting), we get to take a look at different officers in action. We start with Zhang He, then move on to Sun Shangxiang, Ma Dai, Pang Tong, and end with Guo Hai.

The format is pretty much the same we have seen with all the officers so far, with them delivering a beatdown on the usual army of clones, and then finishing them off with a spectacular special move.

You can check all the videos out below. If you want to see more, you can enjoy a recent trailer showing many activities we can enjoy in the open world, a few screenshots focusing pretty much on the same topicsthe first trailer of the same seriesanother batch of character trailers from Japanmore of the same from a few days beforeeven more character trailers, and a recent character reveal topped by more gameplay trailers. If you’re interested in learning more details directly from the head of development, you can also read our recent interview with Producer Akihiro Suzuki.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will release in Japan on February 8th, exclusively for PS4. The western launch will happen just a few days later, on February 13th. In the west, we’ll also get two more platforms: Xbox One, and PC.

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