Dynasty Warriors 9 Reveals New Characters, Attacks and Actions with New Screenshots

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Today, Koei Tecmo updated the official site of its upcoming open world Musou game Dynasty Warriors 9.

We get to see seven new characters, Xu Sheng (who makes his playable debut), Sima Zhao, Wang Yuanji, Xingcai, Cao Pi, Zhang Bao and Zhenji.

On top of that, we get a look at the actions that can be performed in game.

With the square button we can perform normal attacks that change depending on the situation, including normal state, aerial state, down state. By pressing the button quickly, you can perform combos that can deal a lot of damage.

The triangle button performs a reaction attack that depends on the actions and timing of enemies. It includes counter attacks, distancing attacks that keep nearby enemies away, dash attacks that hit enemies far away, knockdown attacks that hit enemies into the air and knock them into the ground, guard breaking attacks that break the defense of enemies trying to block, surprise attacks that deal heavy damage to unknowing enemies, and finishers that deal deadly damage to enemies that are already near death.

Trigger attacks are executed with R1 + square, triangle and X, and change the status of an enemy, allowing you to perform a devastating combo afterwards. R1 + square stuns, R1 + triangle sends enemies flying into the air, R1 + X knocks them down.

Lastly, R1 + Circle performs a special attack unique to each warlord.

On top of combat actions, there are interaction actions that can be performed to interact with the battlefield or objects found in it. These include climbing walls with a grappling hook, swimming, detonating oil pots with fire arrows, wall jumping, and fishing.

You can check out all the screenshots below, and if you want to see more, you can enjoy the previous reveal showing Sun Ce, Ma Chao and Jia Chong, another focusing on Sima Shi, Zhou Yu, Zhang He and Ma Dai, the one before including Xun You, Xiahou Yuan, Lu Lingqi, Daqiao, Xiaoqiao, Zhang Fei and Zhuge Liang, and the previous announcement of several more returning heroes: Ling Tong, Gan Ning, Xu Zhu, Dian Wei, Guan Ping and Dong Zhuo.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will launch this year in Japan exclusively for PS4, while the English version will be on a wider variety of platforms, and will release at a yet unspecified time for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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