Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets Explosive Launch Trailer Ahead of Tomorrow’s Release

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Dynasty Warriors 9 launches tomorrow, and Koei Tecmo is celebrating the occasion with a new launch trailer.

The video showcases the game’s giant open world, which is certainly the biggest new feature of the game, on top of its one vs. hundreds combat, and its massive range of colorful characters inspired by the heroes of the Three Kingdoms.

It’ll be interesting to see how far the new gameplay will carry the game (well, I already know, but I can’t tell you… yet), but for now you can enjoy the footage and see if it entices you.

You can check out the video below, and look forward to my review that’s coming soon enough. If you want to see more, you can enjoy a trailer featuring pre-order costumes the latest batch of character videosand one released just before. We also have  a large chunk of Xbox One gameplay, more footage from the PS4 version from last weekend,the reveal of a few NPCs alongside a trailer focusing on battle gameplay, the  latest batch of character trailersmore trailers from the same series, a recent video showing many activities we can enjoy in the open world, a few screenshots focusing pretty much on the same topicsthe first trailer related to the open world,  another batch of character trailersmore of the same from a few days beforeeven more character trailers, and a semi-recent character reveal topped by more gameplay trailers.

Dynasty Warriors 9 released in Japan on February 8th, exclusively for PS4. The western release will hit the shelves tomorrow, on February 13th. In the west, the game will also launch for Xbox One, and PC.

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