Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Update 1.19.531 Patch Notes Today

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Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance was released a few weeks ago, and it has managed to gain a lot of popularity lately.

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Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance has received an all-new update today which makes some crucial changes. There are a plethora of bug fixes alongside some quality of life and performance improvements. Here are the complete patch notes.

Dark Alliance – Official Cinematic Launch Trailer

Dark Alliance – Official Cinematic Launch Trailer

Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Update 1.19.531 Patch Notes

Stability Improvements

  • Fixed out-of-memory crashes after extensive playtime on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles
  • Fixed occasional crashes on Xbox One consoles
  • Resolved disconnects during progression through Act 3 missions
  • Fixed a crash when returning to Basecamp after idling in the Pause Menu during an encounter
  • Fixed an issue in which a hang would occur after the player opens the menu right before a cinematic

Balance Improvements

  • Fixed several issues in which Icewind’s boss fight phases could be bypassed.
  • Increased loot chances for higher rarities across all difficulties
  • Increased Act completion rewards
  • Increased chance of per-Act preferred sets from 20% to 33%
  • Reduced effectiveness of the Burn status effect which made higher CR bosses too easy to defeat
  • Tundra Raptor Stamina Cost Reduction from 10%/15% to 15%/20%
  • Wearer of the Mask Execution Chance of Dropping Stamina Fragments from 25%/50% to 40%/50%
  • Goblin Bane Taunted Monster Damage Reduction from 20%/30% to 30%/45%
  • Horde Raider Legendary Resistance Buff HP threshold raised from 15% to 20%
  • Bruenor Shield Master Feat Blocking Stamina bonus from 15% to 30%
  • Condition Penetration per INT point increased from 1% to 1.5%
  • Grenade damage increase from 150/175/200/225/250 to 175/200/225/250/300
  • Reduced Duergars, Gnolls and Icewind health by 10%
  • Monster hit points reduced by 33% in single player
  • Monster Physical damage reduced by 25% in single player
  • Elemental damage reduced by 12.5% in single player
  • Buffed Frenzy: from -50% to -70% stamina cost on actions
  • Buffed Frightened: from -50% to -60% physical damage output
  • Buffed Critical Strikes: from 50% to 75% Critical Damage Boost
  • Buffed Precision Strikes: from 30% to 50% Critical Chance Boost
  • Buffed Sapped: from 30% to 40% Stamina Cost Increase
  • Buffed Thorns: from 30% to 50% Damage reflection
  • Faerie Fire: Cooldown reduced from 150sec to 120sec
  • Taunt: Cooldown reduced from 240sec to 120sec
  • Heavy Armor Master feat buffed from 25 to 30 %
  • Medium Armor Master feat buffed from 10 to 15 %
  • Light Armor Master feat buffed from 7 to 10 %
  • Danger Sense Armor feat buffed from 10 to 20 %
  • Savage Attacker Stamina Damage feat buffed from 15 to 20 %
  • Steel Will Condition Resistance feat buffed from 10 to 20 %
  • Precision Shot Critical Damage feat buffed from 40 to 50 %
  • Precision Attack Critical Chance feat buffed from 8 to 10 %
  • Second Wind feat buffed, Stamina cost from -5 to -10 %
  • Defender Armor feat buffed from 15 to 20 %
  • Reduced the stamina usage for Catti-Brie’s moves by 5-10%
  • Added a short invincibility duration when Tethering to Party Leader

AI Improvements

  • Enemies no longer keep walking in place when attempting to return to an area
  • Large enemies can no longer be interrupted from Turn-on-Spot animations and are much harder to stun-lock
  • Enemies now respond more quickly to the player’s presence, move more quickly and are generally more aggressive
  • Monsters no longer change target too frequently in co-op which resulted in them being stuck in a turn state.

UI Improvements

  • Upgrade gear now has cost displayed in consistent locations in the UI
  • Resolved an issue in which Objective markers sometimes disappeared when player falls off the map during The Fury of Icewind Act 3 boss fight
  • Damage over time numbers are now displayed in multiplayer
  • Players can now rejoin a friend’s previous session from the Steam overlay
  • Lock-on target reticle is no longer placed below Hagedorn in the Crystalline Dreams Act 3
  • Preview now updates when sorting of gear is changed
  • Invite-only game session now swaps to public or friends after new party leader changes it
  • Fixed an issue in which the controller loses functionality in Journals Tab
  • Corrected a ‘Hexed resisted’ string being shown when an enemy resists to a Sapped condition
  • Ability cooldowns now have numerical values in the UI
  • Updated Recommended Combat Power scores according to new balancing and feedback
  • Stamina now refills immediately after a Short Rest
  • Quickplay Bonus is now shown consistently from different party members’ point of view
  • Updated the estimated act length icons on the World Map
  • A button prompt is now present for an exhausted execute on Akar Kessell
  • Tether is no longer activated in Boss Fights with large arenas
  • Muted players remain muted after returning to Kelvin’s Cairn or when another player joins the server
  • Trial of Tempus intro banner displays the correct location
  • Fixed an issue in which the Short Rest UI would sometimes remain stuck on-screen
  • The ‘Hold Ability’ button now displays an animation of input while using Preset 2 Control Scheme
  • Characters no longer get deleted without player input when going back to the Character Selection screen after confirming changes in the Options Menu
  • The ‘M’ key no longer causes a conflict when it is rebound in the keybinding menu
  • Escape key can nolonger be bound in the Keybinding Menu
  • Windows key can no longer be bound in the Keybinding Menu
  • Fixed an exploit in which Attributes could be increased indefinitely without spending Attribute Points when exiting the Character Sheet while in the process of allocating an Attribute Point using a controller
  • Voice chat UI pop up no longer remains visible on screen even when the microphone is muted.

Boss Improvements

  • Garnn has been made more challenging during the boss fight in Companions of Icewind Dale Act 3
  • Icewind Phase transition during boss fight is no longer delayed
  • Icewind doesn’t receive debuffs from being Frightened by Drizzt abilities
  • Kelvin’s Pillars of Ice now properly spawn around each non-downed players in the arena
  • Fixed an issue in which Akar Kessell could rarely teleport under the map in The Order of the One Light Act 3
  • Bosses are more difficult to stun-lock
  • Players can no longer escape certain boss rooms
  • Bosses no longer aggro downed players (unless there are buffs active which override this)
  • Icewind no longer loses her invincibility when a player is revived beside her in The Fury of Icewind Act 3
  • Icewind no longer becomes unresponsive after a Total Party Down
  • Icewind no longer flickers above elevator before flying in multiplayer
  • Icewind’s Bite attack now correctly causes a hurt reaction
  • Beholder boss can no longer teleport out of the level and be defeated instantly
  • Kelvin is now able to hit the player character when performing an Upward Slash during The Mask of Kelvin Act 3
  • Icewind no longer constantly uses attacks that cannot reach the player character
  • Murdunn no longer teleports repeatedly after becoming exhausted while teleporting during Companions boss fight
  • Fixed a rare issue in which Icewind’s invulnerability buff would not activate between phases in The Fury of Icewind Act 3
  • Fixed a rare issue in which Icewind’s final phase shifts do not occur after the player fires the last ballista in The Fury of Icewind Act 3

General bug fixes

  • The player character can no longer get stuck out of bounds jumping off the shrine area into a wall in The Goblin’s Shard
  • Added physical damage components to moves which were previously only dealing elemental damage
  • Players can no longer stunlock Hagedorn with light attack while in teleportation animation
  • Hagedorn now receives debuffs from magic abilities
  • Resolved an issue in which Large Chest gear would sometimes spawn in the floor of the level out of reach of players
  • Player no longer become stuck after jumping onto a specific ledge in Crystalline Dreams Act 2
  • Viper Fang Kick move now correctly triggers the Elemental Adept buff
  • Stonegrinder boss no longer instantly dies when knocked into the siege weapons at the end of Companions Act 2
  • The Short Rest now correctly spawns for an encounter in Beholder Act 1
  • Elemental Fire Damage buff from Bruenor’s Anvil of Clanggedin now deals Fire damage in multiplayer
  • Player characters can no longer clip through a specific wall into an out-of-world area near the death plane in Beholder Act 2
  • Interacting with a campfire is no longer prioritized over reviving an ally
  • Climbing a ladder is no longer prioritized over reviving an ally
  • Fixed an issue in which a Total Party Down would sometimes occur with one player still alive
  • Goblins associated with each ballista no longer have a noticeable delay in aggro to the player
  • Collision has been added to a wooden wall to prevent players moving their character outside the bounds of the level in The Goblin’s Shard Act 2
  • Allies revived with Cattie-Brie’s Resurrections ability are now counted towards total revives during the tally screen
  • Resolved an issue in which players are sometimes unable to join from the Friend’s List
  • Players can no longer get around the magical barrier in a side area in Verbeeg Jamboree Act 1
  • 3D model no longer displays previously selected item when switching pages of a specific gear type in the Equip panel of the Character Sheet menu
  • Fixed an issue in which the player is presented with a white loading screen when searching for a Public session before walking on the portal to start an act in Kelvin’s Camp
  • Characters are no longer able to jump to an area in Verbeeg Jamboree Act 3 which renders them stuck and unable to escape
  • Enemies no longer jitter when moving during a Multiplayer session in Verbeeg Jamboree Act 2
  • The correct pressure plates now remain active after being activated in the Puzzle room of Verbeeg Jamboree Act 2
  • Quickplay bonus is no longer awarded in single player
  • Monster rotations and flying animations are no longer erratic in multiplayer throughout the title
  • The buff ‘Elemental Weapon Cold’ from Bruenor’s Stomping Quake now adds cold damage to attacks while in MP
  • Steel Will feat now gives 10% condition resistance
  • Goblin’s Flee reaction is no longer interrupted prematurely
  • Stats no longer reroll after changing the skin of a weapon
  • Added missing barks and banter throughout the title
  • Fixed an issue in which downed players would occasionally fail to get revived after using a Short Rest
  • Abilities now correctly adjust to terrain when cast
  • Team attack window has been increased to five seconds
  • Reduced the harshness of the VFX from Akar Kessell’s Thunderwave move in The Order of the One Light Act 3
  • Fixed an issue in which player would occasionally fail to Connect to/Create a Session with no error message
  • Fixed an issue in which some users would disconnect after completing a mission in an invite only lobby
  • Switching profiles on Xbox now updates the Trophies assets in Kelvin’s Cairn
  • Starting any act in Multiplayer while alone no longer resets difficulty to level one
  • Players no longer fail to join session via invitations when the host cycles to an Invite-Only Multiplayer session
  • Fixed issues involving enemies not respawning when backtracking through levels
  • Players no longer respawn at the start of certain levels when force respawning
  • Full Roundhouse move now triggers Elemental Adept buff
  • Fixed issues in which players could get tethered inside walls
  • Online sessions can no longer be searched after activating the teleportation circle at basecamp
  • Improved Catti-Brie’s ranged attacks to address attacks not registering when performed in quick succession while moving
  • Players are no longer sometimes tethered into thick fog in Crystalline Dreams Act 2
  • Improved sync of Monster attacks and animations
  • Fixed an issue in which some players would remain stuck on a loading screen in multiplayer
  • Intelligence now increases elemental damage dealt by abilities with innate elemental damage
  • Purple ability cooldown fragments now drop from defeated monsters
  • Cinematics now run more smoothly on Xbox One
  • Character models and gear now load more quickly in Kelvin’s Cairn
  • Improved dodging and aiming responsiveness
  • Fixed an issue in which players could not re-enable Voice Chat after disabling it
  • Cloud save data no longer overwrites character data when joining a multiplayer session
  • Enemy health bars now correctly display when using lock-on mode
  • Fixed an issue in which players would be disconnected when returning to Kelvin’s Cairn
  • Characters no longer fall through environment after holding the Block or Aim button while attempting to descend ladders in Goblin at the Gates
  • Frostwave grind move now grants the Vampiric buff and fills the Ultimate on hit

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