Dungeon Hunters Champions King of Fighters Event Introduces Mai Shiranui and Kyo Kusunagi

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Gameloft and SNK are coming together in order to introduce the Dungeon Hunters Champions King of Fighters event for a special three weeks. Mai Shiranui and Kyo Kusunagi are the first to join the action-RPG.

Dungeon Hunters Champions is Gameloft’s newest title that released free to play earlier this year for PC and mobile devices. It doubles as both a single-player RPG and has a competitive 5v5 online mode where you can play against other heroes and their champions.

Guest character Mai Shiranui first appeared in Fatal Fury: King of Fighters in 1991 and was modeled after two famous idols at the time. She is perhaps the most well known of The King of Fighters roster and as a ninja her skills focus on movement and fire powers. Her skills in Dungeon Hunters Champions are those of a five-star fighter and include Shiranui Ninja Arts, Kachousen, Hisatsu Shinobi-Bachi, and Kagerou No Mai.

Meanwhile Kyo Kusanagi is the main protaganist of The King of Fighters series and first appeared in The King of Fighers ’94. Much like Mai his powers include fire control as well as a Kusanagi style of martial arts. He also is a five-star fighter in Dungeon Hunters Champions and his skills include: Kusanagi’s Legacy, 100 Shiki Oniyaki, 212 Shiki Kototskuki Yo, and Ura 108 Shiki Orochinagi.

These Champions’ skills and combat styles are faithful to THE KING OF FIGHTERS franchise, with signature moves such as Mai’s Kachousen and Kyo’s Ura 108 Shiki-Orochinagi, their Super and Hyperdrive attack modes, and will use THE KING OF FIGHTERS‘98 original Japanese voice-over! Through the special event, players will be able to add Mai and Kyo to their rosters and collect twelve unique pieces of gear.

The Dungeon Hunters Champions King of Fighters event event comes alongside some other new updates including a Halloween Event. This spooky event updated the game with special rewards including some Halloween Outifts that will only be available during the event. A new 5-Star Champion, The Vampire, was also added who can switch between human and demon form.

Fans of Dungeon Hunter Champions are also invited to enter a contest whose winner will be able to visit the SNK Studios in Osaka, Japan and some King of Fighters goodies. You can check out the Dungeon Hunters Champions King of Fighters event trailer below showing Mai Shiranui and Kyo Kusunagi in-action.

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