Duck Game Coming to PS4 August 22nd, Xbox One “Soon”

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Today, publisher Adult Swim Games announced that Landon Podbielski’s popular action game, Duck Game, will finally hit PS4 on August 22nd, aka next week.

Meanwhile, Podbielski also revealed that the title will be making its way to Xbox One as well, though no release date/window beyond “soon” was provided.

As you may know, Duck Game notably made its debut back in 2014 on the Ouya (yeah, that thing). It then arrived on PC in 2015.

A 2D action game, it features both shooting and platforming mechanics. The premise of the game is simple, if you get hit once you’re dead, with the last player standing crowned as the winner. On top of the simple premise is a simple control scheme. Meanwhile, gameplay is often described as fast-paced and highly-addicting, with a variety of weapons and different environments adding a bit of layers to the otherwise straight-forward action.

Below you can peep a brief overview of the game, courtesy of its Steam page:

Enter the futuristic year of 1984, an age where ducks run wild in a frantic battle for glory. Win over the crowd and gain a following by blasting your feathered friends with Shotguns, Net Guns, Mind Control Rays, Saxophones, Magnet Guns, and pretty much anything else a duck could use as a weapon. One hit and you’re roasted. This is DUCK GAME. Don’t blink.

  • 2 to 4 PLAYERS in either Local Multiplayer Couch Combat, or NEW Online Play!

  • Single Player challenge mode

  • Easy to pick up, emphasizing strategy over twitch reaction

  • 50+ Levels, 50+ Weapons

  • Level Editor

Duck Game is available for $12.99 USD.  In addition to all of the above mentioned platforms, the game is also poised to hit the Nintendo Switch at an unannounced date.

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