Dragon Quest Builders Gets New Nintendo Switch Gameplay Footage

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During a Square Enix livestream at Tokyo Game Show, the company decided to show off some new gameplay footage of Dragon Quest Builders running on the Nintendo Switch.

We get a look at the game’s opening hours — notably, it at a quick glance it looks similar in quality to the PS4 version of the game released last year. The gameplay starts at 6:14:20 during the livestream, below.

If you don’t know what Dragon Quest Builders is, it’s essentially a spinoff title that blends RPG elements from the mainline series as well as the addicting building mechanics you can find in game’s like Minecraft. You can build large towns where villagers can live, offer quests, and defend it from monsters at night.

The title released in the West on October 11 last year for PS4 and PS Vita, and Square recently had announced that the title would be making its way onto the Switch. Also, back in August Square announced that the game’s sequel, Dragon Quest Builders 2, would be making its way onto the Switch as well as the PS4.

If you want to try Dragon Quest Builders now, it’s available on PS4 and PS Vita (and PlayStation 3 in Japan). You can also check out DualShockers review of the game, where we gave it a 9.5 out of 10 noting “Dragon Quest Builders is not only worthy of being apart of the long standing RPG franchise, but it also succeeds in making its mark and surpassing all competition compared to any game like it.”

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