Dragon Ball FighterZ Receives Both an Action-Packed Launch Trailer and Android 21 Character Trailer

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After months of anticipation, the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ is almost here. That’s why Arc System Works and Bandai Namco Entertainment released two new trailers for the game today. The first one is Dragon Ball FighterZ’s launch trailer, which shows the game’s crazy action in all its unadulterated glory. The other video is a character trailer for Android 21, a new character made specifically for this game.

While the game’s launch trailer is cut together pretty rapidly, it does give us a look at almost all of the game’s characters in action. The video also serves as an accolades trailer of sorts, sporting quotes of praise about Dragon Ball FighterZ from various sites in it. It’s definitely worth watching if you can’t get enough of Dragon Ball FighterZ’s insane action.

Meanwhile, Android 21’s character trailer gives us a better idea of how she plays. Like I mentioned before, Android 21 is a brand new character who was designed by Akira Toriyama. According to the game’s developers, she is an Android whose genius matches that of Dr. Gero and has a connection with Android 16.

The most interesting thing about her character gameplay wise is her Tasting Cut Ultimate Attack, which lets her drain her opponent’s energy and learn their attacks. This means she will be the most rewarding to use for players who learn the ins-and-outs of all of Dragon Ball FighterZ’s character and can learn to adapt to multiple situations.

You can check out both trailers below. Dragon Ball FighterZ will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on January 26.

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