Dragon Ball FighterZ Characters Yamcha, Hit, and Beerus Receive Breakdown Videos

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Arc System Works and Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Dragon Ball FighterZ will be out in a little over a month, so the developers are starting to release gameplay breakdown videos of some of the games fighters. Three new videos of this kind have been released recently, highlighting the skills of Yamcha, Hit, and Beerus.

Hit and Beerus were only revealed to be included in the game last week, while Yamcha was revealed to be playable all the way back in September. In Hit’s video, Rhymestyle and AfroSenju XL demonstrate many of the character’s different moves. He is a very counter-based fighter, and players will likely need very precise timing in order to play him well. In both the manga and the anime, Hit is a member of Team Universe 6, and made his first appearance recently in Dragon Ball Super.

Meanwhile, Yamcha has been around for quite a long time, first appearing early one in the original Dragon Ball series. In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Yamcha is actually a pretty competent and awesome looking character. In his video, Hellpockets breaks down what he can do. Most of Yamcha’s best moves come from his Wolf Fang Fist attack, which can be utilized in many different ways.

Finally, there is Beerus, who initially was the antagonist of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, but became a supporting character later on. Perfect Legend goes over Beerus in his video, showing that he is a very good long-range character who can spawn orbs that can be used in many of his attacks.

You can check out both character breakdown videos below. On January 26, Dragon Ball FighterZ will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for $59.99.

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