Disc Jam Spins Onto Nintendo Switch Next Month Alongside Major Update

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Last March, developer High Horse Entertainment released its fast-paced sports game Disc Jam on PC and PS4, with the PS4 version even being obtainable via PS Plus. Now, almost a year out from its initial release the game’s developers revealed today that Disc Jam will be coming to Nintendo Switch on February 8.

Disc Jam on Nintendo Switch contains all the same features as the other version of the game, so one can play both offline and online. There is even cross-play between the PC and Switch versions of the game; unfortunately, Sony is still too stubborn to join in on the fun. The Nintendo Switch version of Disc Jam also allows local wireless play with up to four Switch consoles, so one probably won’t run into many roadblocks when setting up a match.

The release of Disc Jam on Nintendo Switch will also come alongside a major update for the title on all platforms. While the game is no stranger to updates, this one brings in quite a few changes. First off, a South American volleyball player named Lannie, who gameplay-wise has found a nice balance between power and agility, is being added to the game.

This update also comes with new modes. When it comes to the competitive side of the game, Ranked Leagues and Seasons are being added. One the solo side of things, a new gauntlet mode to test players skills will also be added.

You can check out a trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of the game below. Disc Jam is currently available on PC and PS4, and will rush onto Nintendo Switch on February 8.

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