Disc Jam New Patch Released; Adds New Player and More

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Today developer High Horse Entertainment revealed a brand new update coming to its latest sports game Disc Jam. 

First and foremost, the update adds a brand new character, Kahuna, who is set to be the strongest character in the game to date. This means he will be able to throw the disc at incredibly powerful speeds. His strength comes at a cost however, as he is also the slowest character in the game. If you want to unlock Kahuna, all you have to do is spend Jamoleons, Disc Jam’s in-game currency.

Other highlights from the update include the addition of four new discs to play with, the Jam shop, a variety of improvements to the game, and a number of different tweaks for character stats.

You can check out the full list of patch notes below:

  • NEW: Added a new playable character, the big and powerful Kahuna!
  • NEW: Added Portal, Emoji, Harmony, and Junkyard discs.
  • NEW: Added the Jam Shop where you can buy Jamoleons.
  • IMPROVED: Added folders to emblem menu and moved national flags to a separate sub-folder.
  • IMPROVED: Graphical improvements.
    • Disc Jam now uses a tonemapper that matches the ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) standard.
    • Reduced bloom to more physically-based behavior and tweaked the emissive properties of most materials in the game.
    • Cloth simulation is better behaved.
  • IMPROVED: Faster loading.
  • TWEAKED: Root motion of slides has been refactored to blend in movement more directly with the animation tree.
  • TWEAKED: Altered the slide-recovery concept. If you catch the disc while sliding, your throw timer will start at blue but will not start to tick down until you’ve recovered from your slide.
  • TWEAKED: Haruka’s perfect and juiced throw speeds are moderately faster, her bad throws are significantly slower. Be precise!
  • TWEAKED: Stanton’s perfect throw has been backed off slightly.
  • TWEAKED: Slight buffs to Stanton, Haruka, and Gator’s lobs. Makenna’s lob remains the strongest.
  • FIXED: Muting players on another platform now works correctly.
  • FIXED: Score updates during gameplay are now smooth again.
  • FIXED: Fixed Haruka’s animations when running with the disc.
  • FIXED: Squashed bug that could prevent new players from accepting the EULA.

Since the game’s launch it has received a myriad of updates. Back in June it was revealed that the players would have the ability to cross-play between PS4 and Steam users. A month earlier, the PC version received an update that added dedicated servers to the game.

Disc Jam was originally released on March 7th, 2017, and is available on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. When it was first released, the game was a part of PlayStation Plus’ free games lineup for the month of March.

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