Developer Chubby Pixel Reveals Suicide Guy is Coming to Nintendo Switch

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In a surprise announcement for the indie-developer friendly Twitter hashtag #ScreenshotSaturday, Fabio Ferrara — Co-founder of Milan-based indie studio Chubby Pixel — revealed that his game Suicide Guy would be coming to Nintendo Switch. Even better, fans of the game will see it release as early as this year.

Now what is Suicide Guy? Despite the name, it is much less bleak than you would expect. Sporting an artstyle similar to Hello NeighborSuicide Guy is a non-conventional story about escape. “Suicide Guy” is stuck in his own dream, and the only way for him to actually get out of the imagined world is finding a way to kill himself in-dream. However, you can’t expect this to be an easy task, as the cute and colorful environments work as hard as they can to prevent you from carrying out the ultimate task.

Through the trailer (seen below) Suicide Guy manages to look like a mix of Job Simulator and a more elaborate puzzle game. The game is already available on PC via Steam (and has been since July 2017), and it was revealed fairly early on that the game would also be coming to both PS4 and Xbox One.

While this is definitely a surprise, it is no shock that we are seeing this ported to Nintendo Switch. Ever since the console’s launch in 2017, the handheld system has been common grounds for ports of games, for instance the upcoming TowerFall Ascension Switch edition. At the 2018 Game Developer’s Conference, over a third of all developers mentioned they were interested in developing for Nintendo Switch. A development that shouldn’t be shocking given how developers continue to talk up the financial viability of Switch ports.

As mentioned above, Suicide Guy is available immediately for PC; gamers on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One can expect the game to release sometime in 2018. You can check out today’s tweet and the gameplay trailer, below:

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