Destiny Chronicles Receives Intriguing Environmental Concept Art and a 2D World Map

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Visualnoveler’s upcoming action JRPG Destiny Chronicles has recently compared itself to Kingdom Hearts, but now the game has been showing what sets it apart from other titles in the genre. Today, that comes in the form of some concept art and a 2D version of the game’s world map.

The first reveal provided below is the 2D map of protagonist Celeste’s world. In it we can see a mountainous tundra, forests (some mystical-looking), ruins, and more than a few castles and villages. If you’re looking for a little more information on these locations, you’re in luck! Three of these zones have been detailed through some new concept art and a little description to go with them.

The first region is Azure Bay, a beautiful city on the water with an economy that is reliant on its fishing business. It’s a popular vacationing spot, but the city is also occupied by a military force to ensure its protection.

Next is the Ancient Ruins of a civilization long gone. Little is known about what happened to these people or who they even were. Although scholars would love to further their research in these parts, monsters seem to congregate in such places, making research less ideal.

The last piece of concept art shared with us was the Aurean Tundra, a northern wasteland of freezing wind and constant snowfall. Few people venture this far north due to its inhospitable conditions, but there have been rumors that a group of people have established camp here. Not many believe such rumors.

Destiny Chronicles is currently in development for PC and will later come to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It’s Kickstarter campaign is expected to begin in the next “2-3 weeks.” For more information on the game, you visit the game’s official website.

Recently, Visualnoveler explained Destiny Chronicles‘ similarities to Kingdom Hearts, making note of the game’s combat system and how the player will be supported by two additional characters, similar to how Sora was always supported by Donald and Goofy.

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