Destiny Chronicles Developer Addresses Concerns Surrounding Kickstarter Goal

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Recently, Visualnoveler’s upcoming JRPG, Destiny Chronicles, launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to some early success. However, some feedback about the lower project budget has encouraged the developer to respond with some information on the team’s expectations.

It’s no secret that the scope of Destiny Chronicles seems like a large one, but lead programmer wraithseeker explains that the team has been very strategic in its decisions for keeping costs low. To begin with, wraithseeker is the sole programmer on the project, which he notes will save costs when it comes to porting the game. He also notes that the team is using the Unity engine for Destiny Chronicles, and since he has experience with Unity for two earlier projects, he feels confident with it.

What the team sees as making up the bulk of the game’s budget is its art assets, environments, and 3D models/animations. However, wraithseeker explains that the team has already decided precisely what it will need and has received quotes from freelancers and art studios that have helped decide what kind of budget would be necessary.

wraithseeker mentions that the success the title’s Kickstarter has seen so far has “thrilled” the team, but that they are well aware that a lot of work is still ahead. With 28 days left before the Kickstarter ends, Destiny Chronicles has so far raised $11,251 of its nearly $40,000 goal.

For more information on Destiny Chronicles, you can visit its official website or Kickstarter page. Below is the game’s recently released Kickstarter video.

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