Destiny 2’s Xur Location and Loot: The Vendor Shows Off His Knucklehead this October 27 – 31

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It’s Friday, and that means everyone in Destiny 2 is logging on and frantically realizing that Xur is out and about with a fresh set of exotic gear for us all to throw Legendary Shards at. What does he have? Let’s first focus on where he’s at.

This weekend, Xur can be found on planet Io, in the northern section of Giant’s Scar. If you’re having difficulty locating him, just remember that he’s got a marker on your map these days. It won’t take too long before you’re begging at his feet for what you wish was there.

So, what does Xur have in-stock these days? Well, let’s see…

Although Xur’s sniper rifle may seem to have some interesting perks, you need only test it out on a couple of occasions to find that there’s not much benefit to it, especially considering the low amount of Impact that it carries. Unless you’re looking to add one of these to your collection, it may not be worth your Shards.

As for the armor selection, there seems to be something great for everyone here! The Hunter helm allows you to have access to your radar even while aiming down your sights, an excellent advantage in both PvP and PvE, and the Titan Chest Armor is almost a must-buy if you’re the proud wielder of auto rifles. If you’re a Titan who purchased last week’s Sweet Business, the two could be a very satisfying combination. When it comes to the Warlock Helmet, you might not find much use in its ability to highlight targets, but the ability regeneration is excellent, and we can’t deny that the armor just looks badass.

This is a marked improvement from the selection squid-face offered last week, so here’s hoping to brighter futures!

Destiny 2 launched onto PC this week, inviting an entirely new population of gamers into its science fiction world. Recently, DualShockers’ own Noah Buttner gave his impressions on the newest iteration of the title.

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