Destiny 2’s Xur Location and Loot: He’s Displaying Some Fall Fashion This November 3 – 7

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Fridays can mean just one thing for Destiny 2 players: Xur is somewhere out in the world with something I may or may not want to buy. Fortunately, he’s always got something for everybody (spec-wise), so let’s get straight into how you’ll be able to find him this weekend.

Xur is chilling on a rocky outcropping in the EDZ. To get to him, you’re going to want to fast travel to the Winding Cove and make your way North of that point until you are either met with a rock-face or discover a cave. You can approach Xur either by scrabbling up those rocks or spelunking. Eventually, hopefully, you’ll find him.

What else will you find when you get there? Some brand new treasures.

One thing that I can say about all of the loot on offer this weekend is that they are some of the coolest designs to don your characters with. Besides that, there are some practical advantages to wearing them. The pulse rifle generates miniature black holes that will cause the third round fired per burst to cause increased damage, something that is both incredibly cool and useful. Its void damage paired with the benefits of the Titan and Warlock helmets available may be just too tempting of a combination for some. As for the Hunter Gauntlets, you get to wear some sweet dragon bones!

In case you were trying to remember what last weekend’s selection was like and how this one compares, you can always check out our coverage of Xur’s inventory leading up to Halloween.

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