Destiny 2 Update Allows All Players to Access Iron Banner and Faction Rallies Again

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While Destiny 2 was one of the best-selling games of 2017, many were disappointed upon the release of the game’s first expansion Curse of Osiris, as it disabled players from accessing Iron Banner and Faction Rally even though they had previously been available for all players since launch. Today, Bungie and Activision reversed that decision with the games newest update.

Simply put, the main purpose of this update is to unlock Iron Banner and Faction Rally for all players, regardless of whether or not they own Curse of Osiris. As such, the patch notes, which you can see below, are quite short:

Iron Banner

  • Players who do not own Curse of Osiris may once again access Iron Banner when available

Faction Rallies

  • Players who do not own Curse of Osiris may once again pledge to Factions during Faction Rally events

Locking these previously available events behind a paywall months after launch was a very weird move for Bungie and Activision, so I am personally glad to see that they reversed it. This update has been applied to all platforms, and all players will be able to access the aforementioned events once the game’s current maintenance ends.

For those of you wondering when the next expansion will come to Destiny 2, information about it was recently leaked. The expansion is apparently titled Gods of Mars and will arrive for players sometime in March. Destiny 2 and Curse of Osiris expansion are currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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