Destiny 2 on PC Will Support HDR and SLI Card Configurations

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While PC players will need to wait more than a month after Destiny 2‘s console launch to play the game, Bungie is doing its best to make sure that the platform with a delayed launch is enticing to players who demand performance. While the developers have already stated that Destiny 2 will run at a native 4k resolution with an uncapped framerate, it was unveiled today at Gamescom that the game will support SLI card configurations and HDR.

During Nvidia’s panel at this year’s Gamescom, the graphics card giant announced that Destiny 2 on PC will be compatible with HDR monitors and televisions, meaning players will be able to enjoy the game in even higher fidelity. Nvidia also announced that PC players will be able to take advantage of SLI configurations when running Destiny 2. This will allow players to go beyond the recommended specs if they wish and push their framerates even higher with two graphics cards.

Additionally, the company announced that the Destiny 2 Beta Game Ready Driver will be available on August 24th to ensure that beta participants get the best experience they can on Nvidia’s line of hardware.

Destiny 2 will be launching on Xbox One and PS4 on September 6, with the PC version of the game launching the next month on October 24. You can check out the new launch trailer for the game below, as well as read our preview of the game here.

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