Destiny 2 Iron Banner Event Announced Along with Prestige Raid Coming Next Week

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After the latest Destiny 2 event, and the subsequent victory in the Faction Rally by the hands of the moody bunch in Dead Orbit, Bungie has announced something many Destiny veterans have been anticipating. It’s almost time for Iron Banner.

That’s right! The Iron Lords have seen the commotion over at the recently won back Tower and have decided to push those measly factions to the side with a real event. Lord Saladin will be waiting in the Tower for Guardians who have completed the campaign, beginning on October 10, and running until October 17.

For those unfamiliar with Iron Banner, it’s a PvP event similar to Destiny 2‘s Crucible but with exclusive armor and weapons available. You can get a peek at that armor in the image below. You’ll also earn Iron Banner Tokens for every match (more if you win a match), as well as a progress tracker of daily and “season” Milestones.

Those who have played Iron Banner before, will likely notice a few changes to the event, mostly in that it has been tweaked to match Destiny 2‘s updated mechanics.

  • Combat will be 4v4.
  • Power Levels don’t count. It’s all about skill.
  • Bounties and Ranks have been replaced with an Iron Banner Engram.

After you have finished the campaign and gained access to the Tower, you’ll be able to find Lord Saladin and begin a quest for Iron Banner. After that, it’s as easy as entering the Iron Banner Quickplay playlist.

Also announced to be beginning on October 10 is the Prestige Raid. This PvE activity will require a Power Level of 300 to participate and promises to challenge even the most hardened raiders with some mechanical tweaks and more punishing gameplay. Little more was revealed about the Prestige Raid besides that it would offer unique rewards to its victors and that the “World First will be counted.”

For full details on the Iron Banner event or the Prestige Raid, be sure to read the Bungie blog.

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