Destiny 2 Director Defends New Shader System

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In the first Destiny shaders were basically their own individual items that you could equip and unequip at any time, with rarity and all. Destiny 2 has changed that: while shaders are still their own individual items, they can only be applied to one item at a time and once they’re used they’re taken out of your inventory. So you’ll have to find them again.

This has caused many returning players to beg the question, why? Destiny 2’s director, Luke Smith, took to Twitter to address the concern among the community.

Destiny 2 released earlier this week and already the game has amassed millions of players. Just today Bungie announced that over 1.2 million players were concurrently on the game.

Also, the first expansion coming to Destiny 2 was officially confirmed yesterday. It will have players return to Mercury for the Curse of Osiris

Bungie has released a full schedule for the upcoming month following the release of Destiny 2. Some things to look forward to include the return of Xur, Nightfalls, and Raids.

You can pick up Destiny 2 on PS4 and Xbox One right now, it’ll be available for PC on October 24. You can check out our early impressions by going right here.

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