Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Expansion Detailed: New Level/Power Caps, Missions, a Raid, and More

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During a press event in Paris, DualShockers took part in a presentation showcasing plenty of details of Destiny 2‘s upcoming expansion Curse of Osiris, directly from Bungie.

The expansion adds a new chapter to the world of Destiny 2, plunging players in the middle of a big cinematic story with new characters and a new destination, Mercury, and a new social space, the Lighthouse.

The story begins after the conclusion of the Destiny 2 campaign. Ikora tasks the players on a mission to find Osiris, the most powerful and notorious warlock in history, and her mentor.

Osiris is a new character from Destiny‘s lore, and he is currently in exile due to his controversial positions. Suddenly he went missing. He is voiced by Oded Fehr which many would know for The Mummy.

Sagira is a sassy and strong ghost that accompanies Osiris, and will guide the players in their mission. She is voiced by Morena Baccarin. This is actually the first time the player speaks to another ghost.

Brother Vance is back from Destiny, and will also help players track down Osiris. He will show them the way in the Infinite Forest.

The Lighthouse will have a lot of mysteries to find, but there won’t be soccer/football. Yet, there might be “other things” to do.

At the beginning of the story, an ancient gate sparks to life on Mercury, and the Vexx from across all the timelines start streaming out. They’re not exploring or investigating, and they’re moving with a purpose. Something important has been put into motion, and it’s the players’ objective to discover what it is and how to stop it.

This is the first time in which players can really delve into the backstory of the Vexx.

Osiris disappeared into another gate on Mercury, leading to the aforementioned Infinite Forest. It’s a simulated reality in the middle of time controlled by the Vexx.

Curse of Orisis comes with a new quest, new missions, strikes, adventures and a new raid, which will be detailed at a later time. The character level cap will be increased to 25, while the power level cap will be raised to 330.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris will launch on December 5th for PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can check out its first trailer.

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