Death Coming Launches Its Dark Humor onto Steam Early Access

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Just because Halloween is behind us, doesn’t mean that morbidity is out of the question, especially when it comes with a humorous touch. Although it was expected to release back in September, developer NEXT Studio has announced that Death Coming is now available through Steam Early Access.

In Death Coming, you play as a member of the recently deceased who has been offered the role of Grim Reaper, tasked with taking the lives of those still lucky enough to be clinging to life. However, you aren’t able to directly interfere with humanity’s affairs. Instead, you will need to interact with the surrounding environment to cause their untimely death.

However, as you attempt to reap the souls of each stage, you will find your attempts thwarted by Angels. You’ll need to dodge their glances while taking out your targets with increasing strategy.

Death Coming features a pixelized art style with non-linear puzzle progression that asks you to manipulate the environment to hilarious and dark effect.

Death Coming is now available on Steam through Early Access for $4.54 (35% off of its regular $6.99 price tag) until November 13 as part of a special launch promotion. For more information on the game, you can visit its Steam page. You can also watch the title’s launch trailer in the video provided below.

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