Deadbolt Brings Stealth Action to PS4 and PS Vita on February 20

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Hopoo Games and Code Mystics announced its sophomore release Deadbolt is coming to PlayStation consoles in just a few weeks. A launch trailer was released flaunting some of the game’s bloody gameplay.

In Deadbolt, you play as the reaper set out to kill the undead. Although you’ll have all the tools and skills you’ll need to accomplish your mission, any hit or shot you take will end in death.

Initially released in 2016, Deadbolt features “extremely challenging” stealth-action gameplay that allows you to either destroy your enemies guns-blazing or with subtlety. After completing a mission, you will earn souls that you can use to unlock weapons that may fit your playstyle — this includes crossbows, scythes, and a semi-auto shotgun.

Hopoo Games is most notably known as the maker of 2013’s Risk of Rain which launched for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. In May of last year, the developer announced via Tumblr that a sequel to the action-platformer was in the early stages of development.

Deadbolt will launch for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita with cross-buy support on February 20th, 2018. The price has yet to be announced. If you can’t wait, you can pick it up on Steam right now for $9.99.

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