Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round’s DLC Support Has Ended, but Koei Tecmo Isn’t Done Milking it Just Yet

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With the release dated December 2017, Team Ninja has finally ceased DLC support for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, and you would think that one of the biggest nickel and diming operation of the history of the gaming industry (worth a whopping seven season passes) reached its end.

And you would be wrong. Today the publisher released twenty new DLC costume packages. Of course, they aren’t entirely new, as they bring back old costumes, but this time grouped by characters instead of being grouped by set.

Each of the twenty girls in the game excluding Mai Shiranui (no luck for the guys, apparently they aren’t as good for milking,) has her own dedicated “content” package, priced between $10.79 for those who have fewer costumes like Alpha-152 or the Virtua Fighter crossover characters, and $45.89 for Honoka, who is getting the most love with 33 costumes.

Looks like the legacy of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round isn’t ready for obscurity just yet. That being said, cheekiness aside, I guess this isn’t bad for those who enjoy focusing on a single character.

If you want to see the costumes included in all the packages, you can check out the gallery below.

At the moment it appears that the sets have been released only for PS4, as they have not appeared on Steam or on the Xbox Store.

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