Dead Dozen Pre-Alpha Footage Shows Off Survivor and Ghoul Gameplay

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Fntastic revealed a brand new gameplay video alongside some screenshots of its new game Dead Dozen.

Dead Dozen is a multiplayer survival action horror game where players are split up into two teams: one filled with survivors and another with one lone Ghoul Leader whose goal is to kill or infect all players. Survivors win by killing all the Ghouls, reducing their respawn counter to zero, or surviving until the timer ends.

Seen in the video below, you can watch gameplay from both playable teams. The Ghoul Leader can change the tides of the match and infect survivors to join its side. The survivors will have to acquire weapons and strategically construct barricades to confront and overcome their monstrous foes.

While a firm launch date has yet to be announced, you can pre-order the First Infected Edition and Limited Supreme Edition right now. Both versions come with access of the Alpha, Beta, and its inevitable official release as well as some exclusive skins. The Limited Supreme Edition will give its players a Premium Forum rank, your nickname in one of the game’s locations, your name in the credits, a digital wallpaper, and an invite to the developer’s Discord group.

Alpha access for Dead Dozen will be available for PC on January 18, 2018. You can pick up the two aforementioned editions on sale until December 31.

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