Dauntless Frostfall Update Details Revealed; New Hunts, Cosmetics, and More

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While the “Sharpen Your Skills” update for Dauntless released recently, the developers at Phoenix Labs have an early Christmas gift in-store for Slayers of the Shattered Isle. The game’s Frostfall seasonal event begins tomorrow and includes limited-time cosmetics, consumables, and hunts.

The event will be live from December 19 until some time in January though, if it’s anything like the game’s Halloween event, it may see an extension as well.

During this time, Slayers will be able to explore Ramsgate in all of its holiday glory, with both it and the Shattered Isles getting some snow on the ground.

One of the most impressive additions is that of dual-Behemoth hunts, which feature twice the merriment. There are also some new consumables such as a portable campfire available from Bosum Markus Boehr.

Players who take part in the Frostfall event will also be able to unlock two new wintery-themed flares as well as new standard customizations to make you feel cozy. Additionally, players will have access to three new emotes (which are not timed nor exclusive), four new titles, and a holiday-themed cosmetic helmet.

Dauntless is currently in closed beta on PC and is scheduled to release sometime in early 2018. For more on the game, check out our hands-on experience with the game’s “Sharpen Your Skills” update, as well as interviews with the game’s developers.

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