Dauntless Developer Preview Video Shows Off New Behemoths and Weapon

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Dauntless is getting ready to unleash two new behemoths upon the Shattered Isle, but thankfully Slayers are getting a new weapon added to their arsenal. The developers over at Pheonix Labs released a preview video that outlines everything that the new “Sharpen Your Skills” update brings to the game.

You can find the full video below.

The video features commentary from the developers as well as some footage of the new behemoths– Skarn and Kharabak– in action. Similarly, the video goes into depth as to the War Pike, the first ranged weapon to be added to Dauntless, which allows players to store combo damage as shots to be fired.

It also gives a first look at what the new Cell system will look like. The system itself allows players to slot bonus attributes onto their equipment. The update will be released on December 8.

Dauntless is currently in closed beta on PC. Players can purchase a Founder’s pack for access now, or wait until the game is released when it will be free-to-play. You can check out more about the game, including the delay of the open beta here, or check out our preview of the game from E3 last year here.

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