Dataminers Find NES Golf Inside Nintendo Switch Firmware

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Dataminers over at have discovered something very interesting hidden away inside of the Nintendo Switch’s firmware.

A file titled “flog” contained an NES emulator that has been installed on all Switch devices since the console’s launch. Furthermore, the emulator launches the classic NES title, Golf, with motion control Joy-Con support included. The miners uploaded some screenshots of the game in action with the Joy-Con that you can check out below.

On Wednesday, Nintendo announced that it would be bringing some classic arcade games to the Switch, starting with Mario BrosIt’s important to note that along with the other arcade classics coming to Switch, none of the titles will be based off their NES counterparts.

Nintendo also confirmed that the virtual console library will include online play, but no details were given about motion controls. It’ll be interesting to see if Nintendo includes motion control support in their upcoming virtual console titles.

In other SNES and NES news, Nintendo said that it would be restocking the Mini NES Classic Edition, and President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime, assured fans that supply of the upcoming SNES Classic Edition has increased “dramatically.”

If you’ve been trying to grab an SNES Classic, we’ve created a handy guide that you can check out by going right here.

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