Darkest Dungeon Releases for Xbox One on Feb. 28, Limited Time Deal Available

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Finally, after a long wait, Red Hook Studios’ Darkest Dungeon will be coming to Xbox One by the end of the month. On top of that, Red Hook has a good deal for those patient enough to wait out the purchase for the Xbox One release (or double dip for the port).

Revealed in a blog post on the Darkest Dungeon website, Red Hook Studios revealed that the official release date for the indie darling would be February 28, 2018 (with pre-orders opening up a week in advance). Even better, the game comes at a $10 discount (roughly 29%) for anyone grabbing the game before April 29, 2018 — 60 days after launch.

As some brief insight into what you are actually getting with the deal, Red Hook is offering the newly-released The Crimson Court DLC (normally $9.99) as a packed-in bundle. After that 60-day post-launch period, Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Edition will be removed from the Microsoft store and replaced by a $24.99 full-price standard Darkest Dungeon with an optional DLC purchase for The Crimson Court.

Along with this new deal information, Red Hook Studios revealed some information that would be obvious to most following the modern console gaming scene; namely that you can’t import a save  from another console version and that the Xbox One version of Darkest Dungeon won’t support mods. Red Hook Studios also gave a tip to new players that they should start with Crimson Court DLC not enabled.

Darkest Dungeon has persistently captured media attention since it was first revealed in early access for PC. In the past few months, the mental-affliction influenced “dungeon crawler” released on both iPad and Nintendo Switch. On top of that, a new optional hero class was created for the game focusing on more defensive gameplay.

Darkest Dungeon is currently available on iPad, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation Vita, and PS4; as mentioned above, the Xbox One version releases on February 28, 2018.

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