Cygames Bringing Granblue Fantasy and Shadowverse to PAX East and Anime Expo

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Tokyo-based developer Cygames reached out with a press release announcing its participation to two upcoming shows in the United States, more precisely PAX East in Boston and Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

On the menu are two o the company’s most popular franchises, Granblue Fantasy and Shadowveerse.

For Shadowverse there will be exhibition matches at both shows, while illustrator Kazashino will be drawing live.

Quite interesting is the inclusion of Granblue Fantasy, considering that the mobile game has been localized but has never been officially released in the west, and the upcoming PS4 action-JRPG Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link has not been announced for the west just yet.

We reached out to the publisher, and we learned that there won’t be anything playable for Granblue Fantasy at the shows, but Cygames hopes to introduce attendees to the game world and universe through
trailers, anime, art, and more.

While this isn’t an announcement of a western release, it’s certainly intriguing.

Shadowverse is currently available for iOS, Android, and PC via Steam. You can also read how Cygames’ team playtests the game by using physical cards.

Granblue Fantasy is currently available only in Japan for iOS, Android, and PC via Google App. You can read how to install it and play in hour handy guide. The PS4 action-JRPG Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link has been announced only for PS4 at the moment. You can check out the first, spectacular gameplay, and recent screenshots.

PAX East will be held in Boston between April 5th and April 8th. Anime Expo will be hosted in Los Angeles from July 5th to July 8th, 2018.

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