Cuphead Surpasses 125,000 Copies Sold on Steam in Four Days

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Back at E3 2015, independent developer Studio MDHR partially stole the show with the reveal of a sleek and unique looking 1930’s cartoon-inspired run-n-gun platformer, dubbed Cuphead. 

Fast-forward to last week, and the highly-anticipated title finally launched onto Xbox One and PC at the price-point of $19.99 USD. At the moment of writing this, the brutally difficult platformer boasts an incredibly impressive Metacritic score of 90 on PC and 86 on Xbox One, cementing itself as one of the most praised indie critical darlings of this generation, and as one of the highest-rated games in general in 2017.

That said, in addition to the raving critical reviews, the cartoonish game also appears to have found success commercially, if its 125,000-plus copies sold on Steam in four days is anything to go by at least (SteamSpy). According to Valve, it was one of the best-sellers last week.

It’s currently unknown (even approximately) how many copies Cuphead has sold on Xbox One.

For more information and media on Cuphead, be sure to check out the game’s official website. And in case you missed it, here’s its official launch trailer from last week.

Earlier this year StudioMDHR’s founders revealed that they had to remortgage their houses and quit their jobs to make Cuphead. Further, despite many still crossing their fingers, the developer also recently reaffirmed its game would not be coming to the PlayStation 4.

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