Cuphead Players on Windows 10 Encountering Save Bug; Studio MDHR Working on a Patch

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The long-awaited Cuphead is finally out and available for players that want to take a colorful (and brutal) romp through 1930s-inspired platforming gameplay, while recently some players have encountered a potential bug that could erase your save, if you aren’t careful.

In a report from Polygon, several Cuphead players — specifically those on Windows 10 PCs — have been reporting on Reddit and Twitter a potential save bug in the game that can result in lost save progress, where save files are being lost/erased after using the Alt-Tab shortcut to exit out of the game into another program.

Specifically, one user on Reddit reported that “any time I exit the game, I seem to lose a good chunk of progress. … I’m constantly losing about 10% of my progress every time I exit the game.” He added that “it’s broken mess, and for such a difficult game it’s extremely frustrating.” Reviews for the game on the Microsoft Store have also been addressing similar complaints about losing progress due to exiting the game via Alt-Tab or other means, making it seem to be a fairly common occurrence.

In response to a query from Polygon, developer Studio MDHR stated that the save bug is indeed prevalent for the title on Windows 10, and that the studio is “working on a patch for it as we speak” which the team hopes to have “pushed out very soon.”

Cuphead is available now for Xbox One and PC.

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