Crowfall Gets a New Trailer That’ll Make You Want to Go on an Adventure

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The team at ArtCraft Entertainment brought a brand new trailer to Gamescom this week for their upcoming MMORPG Crowfall. 

The game has been described as a “throne war” simulator and this trailer shows off exactly what that means. In the trailer the character we follow takes us through multiple lives she has lived, being a hero, a Queen, and even a villain. The possibilities seem very open-ended.

Crowfall originally started off on Kickstarter back in 2015 and soared far past its initial goal of $800,000. It ended up accumulating a whopping $1,766,204.

Most of you probably know how MMOs work at this point but Crowfall is very different from the rest of them. There will be five systems of worlds, “Eternal Kingdoms,” “God’s Reach,” “The Infected,” “Dregs,” and “The Shadow.” Each will act as a campaign, and they can last for many months. They will all be procedurally generated worlds and after four seasons they will end naturally. All of the worlds will have their own unique victory conditions as well. Anything and everything is influenced by player choice. You can check out the Gamescom trailer down below.

Crowfall is currently still in development, and no release date has been announced as of right now. It’ll be available exclusively on PC, early access can be purchased by going right here.

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