Create the Longest Conga Line Ever on Nintendo Switch with Conga Master Party Later this Month

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Developer Undercoders and publisher Rising Star Games revealed today that their groovy conga line dancing game Conga Master will be coming to Nintendo Switch on September 28 as Conga Master Party. It will include quite a few Switch-exclusive features, such as amiibo support, new stages, and new characters.

For those who aren’t aware, he main goal of Conga Master Party is to build up one’s conga line throughout a variety of different nightclubs in an attempt to create the longest conga line ever. The Nintendo Switch version actually lets up to four players do this with the system’s wide variety of different controller options.

Two new modes have also been added to Conga Master Party. These are 1, 2, Conga which forces players to win a rock, paper, scissors minigame with the Joy-Con when they run into another player. Meanwhile, Just Conga has players occasionally make dance poses using the Joy-Con’s motion controls. All of the games modes can be played across nine different conga clubs; two of these, Conga Burger and Conga’s Palace, are new to Conga Master Party.

Players can use their amiibo to unlock new costumes for the in-game characters based off the amiibo character. Conga Master Party includes ten new playable characters, and they can all be unlocked by playing the game’s single player mode. One of these characters is Dr. H8 from 88 Heroes, a game that Conga Master crossed over with recently.

Conga Master Party isn’t the only dancing-focused game on the Switch this year either, as Just Dance 2018 is coming to the system later this year, and Floor Kids is bringing break dancing to the console-handheld hybrid during Holiday 2017.

You can check out the announcement trailer for this game below. Conga Master is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and Conga Master Party will launch on Nintendo Switch September 28 for $9.95.

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