Crackdown 3 Developer Sumo Digital Acquires CCP Games’ Newcastle Studio

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Today, British independent studio Sumo Digital announced they have acquired CCP Games’ Newcastle Studio.

Thirty-four staff members — including Owen O’Brien who will take the mantle of Studio Director — from the garnered game studio will remain in Newcastle as part of Sumo Digital. Managing Director of Sumo Digital Paul Porter considers the acquisition of the CCP Games’ studio is a “great opportunity to bring an experienced, talented, and tight-knit team on board.”

As the studio makes its departure, CEO of CCP Games Hilmar Veigar Pétursson stated that Sumo Digital will be a “great home” for its former studio and they “can’t wait” to see what great things they develop.

Sumo Digital is currently hiring across its four studios located in Sheffield, Nottingham, Pune, and now Newcastle.

CCP Games has been busy in the VR department recently with its multiplayer space shooter EVE: Valkyrie as one of the platform’s more prominent titles making the top ten downloaded virtual reality games on the PlayStation Store in 2016. Despite its success, the developer recently announced they would be winding down development on VR titles and focusing more on PC and mobile platforms.

Sumo Digital has made itself busy the past couple of years. While the highly anticipated Crackdown 3 has been delayed, the developer has helped with creating titles such as Snake Pass and Hitman. Last year, the indie studio announced they would be taking on the development of Dead Island 2.

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