Cosplay Visual Novel ‘Momoiro Closet’ Gets Kickstarter Offering Physical Goods

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Frontwing launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming visual novel Momoiro Closet to give western fans a chance to obtain physical goods.

Momoiro Closet is a visual novel that stars the student council president Kagamihara Alice, who is also a secret otaku. While visiting stores in Akihabara, she meets Hashima Reiji, and they potentially end up exploring their wildest coplay otaku fetishes together.

The game is headed by visual novel veterans, including, character designsfrom INO, and the story by Yuhi Nanao. Additionally, the in-universe TV show “Frill & Lace” showcases character design from Akio Watanabe, who is known for Grisaia and the Monogatari series. Also, the game’s main theme song, “Voila! Magic Closet” is by Haruko Momoi.

Frontwing, who is heading Momoiro Closet’s localization, is asking for $35,000 for the game’s campaign. The tiers mostly include physical goods such as, a copy of the game, art books, and  tapestries, ranging from various price points.

Currently, the game’s localization is already in development and will release for PC-via Steam on April 28. There is a free patch offered to players who wish to unlock the full adult version of the game, otherwise the Steam version will be for all-ages.

You can check out the game’s opening movie below:

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