Concrete Genie Scheduled to Release in Spring 2019

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Along with announcing the delay of Days Gone earlier this morning, Sony has today also finally revealed the release window PixelOpus’ Concrete Genie.

Sony revealed that Concrete Genie is now scheduled to arrive early next year in spring of 2019. Up until this point, Concrete Genie had yet been given a release window, so it’s good to now know that it’ll release at the absolute latest by mid-June.

It has been awhile at this point since we’ve last seen Concrete Genie with our most recent viewing of the game coming earlier in the year at E3. PixelOpus also showcased the title last year during PSX 2017 but with the PlayStation-centric fan event not being held in 2018, it’s hard to know just when we’ll see more of the game and its graffiti-inspired gameplay.

Regardless of when we next see Concrete Genie, Sony and PixelOpus will surely begin talking about the game more and more over the coming months as we continue to inch closer to the spring.

When more news for Concrete Genie does drop, you can be sure that we’ll be informing you all about it here at DualShockers.

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