Colorfiction’s Trippy 0°N 0°W is Still Just as Puzzling After New Gameplay

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What is 0°N 0°W?! It’s far from the first time I’ve asked this question, and somehow won’t be the last. And while I hoped the pieces of the mysterious gaming genre puzzle would piece together as its March 1, 2018 launch date nears closer, everything seems to just get more confusing. At least, that is my impression after watching the brief gameplay teaser released by developer Colorfiction.

0°N 0°W (read as ZeroNorthZeroWest)’s latest gameplay teaser is just as abstract as previous trailers that showcased a trippy transition between reality and real life. Instead, the new gameplay trailer seems to take place entirely in the abstract world, mixing between a shadow-neon cityscape with hyperdrive-like effects and a seemingly shattered greyscale reality where the protagonist jumps from object to object.

0°N 0°W so far, it is based on the concept of “Null Islands” — an imaginary geolocation that anchors many GPS’s at 0°N 0°E. At the moment, Colorfiction is only targeting a PC launch — despite their invitation to join the Nintendo Developer Program in the past.

0°N 0°W as mentioned above will be available exclusively on PC beginning March 1, 2018. You can check out the new, psychedelic gameplay teaser below for a “better” idea of what the game has in store:

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