Code Vein: Watch Me Die Over and Over in Raw PS4 Gameplay of Bandai Namco’s Dark Souls-Like Game

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Yesterday DualShockers visited Bandai Namco’s headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo, and I was allowed to record about twenty minutes of raw Code Vein PS4 gameplay from the Tokyo Game Show demo for your perusal.

If you had any doubt about it being as brutal as Dark Souls or Bloodborne, you have my word: it is.

Of course, since I had to record the game, I also had to play it (not that I’m complaining). You can probably imagine what happens when you get to try a new Souls-like masocore game without any prior preparation or familiarity with the controls. You die. Over, and over, and over.

So that’s exactly what you’ll see in the video below: a lot of gruesome deaths.

In-between my untimely demises, you’ll also be able to enjoy two parts of the demo, including a dungeon and an absolutely ruthless boss. The Dark Souls vibes are definitely there, and so is the pain and despair. Yet, there are clear differences, including the presence of an NPC companion who fights (and dies) by your side.

I’m sure that after taking quite a bit of time getting used to the controls and to the pace of attacks, I’ll be fine. Yet, yesterday I certainly wasn’t. That being said, Code Vein is exactly as promising as I imagined, if not more.

You can check out the gameplay below and have a laugh at my expense.

At the bottom of the post you can also enjoy a few screenshots released today by Bandai Namco. If you want to see more, you can also check out a recent gallerysome more lovely screenshots, another batchthe first gameplay, a second gameplay video, on top of the original reveal trailer of the game.

Code Vein will release worldwide for PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.

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