Code Vein Shows Brutal Anime Dark Souls-Like Action and Characters in New Trailer

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During the award ceremony for the Golden Joysticks, that just ended a few minutes ago, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe released a new trailer for its upcoming Souls-Like Action JRPG Code Vein.

The video is pretty much split between cinematic shots and gameplay, showing some more of the title’s brutal and unforgiving action. We also get a good look at many rather intimidating bosses, and at quite a few of the characters that will populate the game, also serving as NPC companions.

You can check all the trailer below. If you want to see and learn more you can check out some recent screenshots, and some gameplay recorded by myself. Also, don’t forget to read our interview with Producer Keota Iizuka himself and Director Hiroshi Yoshimura.

Do keep in mind that this is a ruthless Souls-like game, so be ready to laugh (or to cry with me) when you see my gameplay.

Recently, Bandai Namco also introduced a new character named Nikola Karnstein (Mia’s brother) and showcased some lovely artwork of the game by God Eater series artist Kurumi Kobayashi.

Code Vein will be releasing in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, even if currently we don’t have a final launch date.

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