Code Vein PS4 Gameplay Shows Queen’s Knight Boss (and This Time We Beat Him), Dungeons, and More

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It seems like the time is upon us to suffer many deaths at the hands of countless beasts in Bandai Namco’s upcoming action game Code Vein. Like other entries in the genre, it does not shy away from torturing players with narrow corridors filled with enemies and the occasional jump scare.

During an event hosted by Bandai Namco in San Francisco, DualShockers was able to explore a section of the game called “Area-D2 Ruined City Underground”. Here players will need to get past many Lost on their way to the end of a maze of tunnels.

If you’re keeping up with DualShockers’ coverage of Code Vein, you’ll recall that we have a score to settle with the Queen’s Knight who wrecked us last September (Giuseppe’s Note: I really, really hate that dude). Well, now we are back with a clearer mind and lots of rest to show just epic this battle is. Although we didn’t beat him on the first try (more like the tenth), the satisfaction at the end of the fight was enough to make me eager to play for much longer.

In the battle, you’ll notice that I buff up my character in order to inflect large amounts of damage at the beginning of the fight. Once he staggers into his alternate form, I cast a speed dodge buff in order to get away from his quicker attacks. Buffing plays a crucial role in Code Vein’s battle system and your partner will assist you as much as they can. There are a couple times in the fight where Mia saves my life, but I came to her aid as well so we’re even.

On top of the gameplay we recorded ourselves, we also get a bonus in the form of some pre-recorded broll provided by Bandai Namco showing the home base and two more dungeons, the City of Falling Flames and the Ridge of Frozen Souls. It’s the same footage showcased at Taipei Game Show this morning, but this time around we get a direct feed version, which is always good to have. Since Broll always needs to be edited, you’ll have to bear Giuseppe’s voice over for a bit. It’s his punishment for getting his rear handed to him by the boss.

If you want to see more, you can also enjoy some brand new screenshots released this morning y Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe. You can also see the control scheme (which may not be final) under the videos.

Code Vein is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018.

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