Code Vein Gets More Lovely Images by God Eater Artist Kurumi Kobayashi

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Bandai Namco has been hosting public Code Vein preview events in Japan, and following yesterday’s report, today they released more artwork on the game’s official Twitter account.

We get to see art for all the currently revealed NPC companion characters that will follow us in our adventure, Yakumo, Io, Mia, Louis, Jack and Eva. It’s worth mentioning that there will probably be more, but the ones you see in the gallery below are all we are given to know about for now.

The sketches are by the talented Kurumi Kobayashi, who is known for his work on both God Eater and God Eater 2, and is Lead Character Designer on the new game.

As a personal note, I think Kobayashi-sensei is really nailing the characters for this game, and the sketches are really lovely.

You can check all the art in the gallery below. If you want to see and learn more you can check out some recent screenshots, and some gameplay recorded by myself. Also, don’t forget to read our interview with Producer Keota Iizuka himself and Director Hiroshi Yoshimura.

Code Vein will be releasing in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, even if currently we don’t have a firm launch date.

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